The Equine Proscope 360©


equiscope 360The Equine Proscope 360© is the most sophisticated instrument available anywhere in the world today. This equine calibrated device incorporates an input-output (read/treat) mechanism that delivers a low voltage micro-current stimulation that improves cellular function that has been compromised by injured damaged neural and connective tissue. The Instrument has the ability to communicate a corrective response to the damaged tissue involved. The therapy is completely non – invasive and painless.

The Difference Between the Equine Proscope 360© and All Other Treatment Devices


Other therapeutic devices used in the equine field including electrical stimulation devices, ultrasound, magnetic fields, pulse magnetic and shock wave share one common characteristic, they are NOT FOCUSED.

This means that they all emit excessively large amounts of energy in a repetitive fashion, with pre- established patterns and without any feedback deviation or delay. They have an unpredictable effect on the health of biological structures. Their goal is to deplete the energy and hope for a positive response from the body as it rebuilds itself. The outcome is very unpredictable.

Equine Proscope 360© — High Precision Instrument, Proven Results


equiscope 360 The Equine Proscope is FOCUSED. It is capable of receiving information from the tissue due to its sophisticated feedback modulator. The information is then processed through 4 computers and a precise output current is generated.

The instrument then responds as the tissue responds until the proper bio conductance is restored to the cellular membrane enhancing ATP and restoring cellular homeostasis. Trainers and owners alike depend on the most efficient and safest treatments available in order to maintain peak performance in their horses. Equine Proscope micro-current therapy offers unlimited creative therapeutic potential.


Photo on top right: equiscope treated injuries  Showing initial, fresh wound on horse. Mare could barely drag her leg to get into the barn. This mare received only three sessions. A week and a half later, it appeared like there was a scratch on it, she was back to roping.

Photo on bottom right:  Shows a huge open wound on a 3 year old mare's chest/shoulder area. Wound is one day old. equiscope treated injuries Photo on below left side was shot after one hour of Equine Proscope therapy.