equiscope 360 "We've had just a wonderful experience with John Thorp's microcurrent calibrated devices. It took us to the Kentucky Derby, which we won with I'll Have Another, then on to Baltimore where we won the Preakness Stakes. It's just a wonderful device. Tyler Cerin, who John so brilliantly trained, did a great job and it was a huge asset in our journey."

Doug O'Neill
Racehorse Trainer


equiscope 360 "I have been in the race horse business for forty-five years. We had a horse break his leg and were advised to put the horse down. After 11 months off, using my equine nutraceuticals and John Thorp's Equine Proscope, he has won two races. I was amazed."

Dr Stephen Sinatra, M.D.


equiscope 360 "I watched I'll Have Another get this therapy on a daily basis and he never dropped. He just kept climbing upwards, had I not seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed it. His internal radiator worked so efficient that his recovery was quicker than any horse I have ever seen. I have one word for the Equine Proscope, Unbelievable!"

Larry "Thumper" Jones
World Renowned Horse Therapist


equiscope 360 "I was given a Dutch Warmblood that had so many chronic issues, they were going to put the horse down. I initially used the IntellBio calibrated Acuscope & Myopulse on him and now I use the Equine Proscope. The horse is back to jumping 4 foot fences and doing what he loves."

Natasha Lilly, DVM


equiscope 360 "I have worked with injuries that caused reproductive problems producing low semen counts, a fractured sesamoid, back and disc issues, stifle and hock problems, suspensories strained and torn, as well as severe cuts and bruises, all with amazing results. The majority of the Equine Proscope sessions and cases were overseen and documented by Dr. Charlie Buchanon DVM, and backed up by X-rays from Brazos Valley Equine Hospital."

Laurie Jones
Champion Barrel Racer, Certified Equiscope Trainer


equiscope 360 "During the NCHA World show in December 2013, our stallion Mississippi Cat , was experiencing some lameness and soreness. We turned to our friends at Equine athletes, Thumper and Laurie Jones, they recommended chiropractic and the Equine pro scope 360 therapy. Mississippi Cat was able to rebound and win the Reserve World Championship and World Champion Stallion. A long hard year of competition was saved by the Proscope therapy that we received from Laurie and Thumper."

Vick L. Etheridge